Privacy Policys

We Value Your Privacy.
Neiss Labs Limited duly acknowledges the importance of protecting private information. Accordingly, Neiss Labs complies with the laws, regulations, and rules concerning private information, and it endeavors to handle and manage private information both properly and safely.
Our Privacy Policy underlines the way your privately identifiable information and other private data (which is recognized as “user information”) will be collected, used, and shared in connection with your access to and/or use of Neiss Labs Limited and any content, features, services of it.
Neiss Labs Limited acts in accordance with the following provisions concerning the handling of private information.

  • Summary
  • Coverage
  • Acquisition of Private Information
  • Usage of Private Information
  • Provision of Private Information to a Third Party
  • Control of Private Information
  • Internal Privacy Control Structure
  • Purpose
To enhance, privatize, and enrich your experience on the Site, we collect, use, and share necessary user information. Neiss Labs commits to ensure and secure your privacy. We do not share any user information with any third party without your consent, except as mentioned in this Privacy Policy or as permitted by law.
This Privacy Policy covers the Site. As you may encounter links on the Site to other websites, such as those relating to our third party sponsors, advertisers, and Social Media platforms, please note that these sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy (unless otherwise noted on such site, which may be the case if, for example, the site is also owned and operated by Neiss Labs).
Neiss Labs Limited will acquire your private information by lawful and fair means.
Neiss Labs Limited will use your private information only for the purposes of use which Neiss Labs Limited has already notified or publicly announced on this website. Neiss Labs Limited will not use the private information beyond the scope necessary to achieve these purposes of use, without the concerned person's consent.

In case if Neiss Labs Limited entrusts a third party contractor with the business of handling the private information in whole or in part, it will check and select a contractor capable of properly managing the private information as its contractor. Neiss Labs Limited will agree with the contractor on matters that are necessary to protect all the entrusted private information, and will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the contractor to ensure the security control of the entrusted private information.
Neiss Labs Limited will not provide private information to any third party, except in any of the following cases:
1. Cases in which the concerned person's prior consent is obtained;
2. Cases in which disclosure of the private information is required by laws and regulations or by a public entity, such as a court or the police; or
3. Cases in which disclosure of the private information is otherwise acceptable under laws and regulations.
Neiss Labs Limited will maintain private data accurately and conduct their security control. Moreover, Neiss Labs will prevent loss, damage, falsification, leaks to outside the company, and unauthorized external access.
Neiss Labs Limited will supervise its colleagues on handling private information and implement necessary / appropriate education and training for such colleagues to ensure the protection of private information.

Neiss Labs Limited will acquire private information on specifying its purpose of use and will retain / use the private information in an appropriate manner to the extent necessary to its businesses. Its purpose of the use of private information is as follows:

1. Private Information on Consumers
- To review, investigate and respond to details of consultations, queries and communications;
- To install and maintain, respond to queries and make explanation about the products being marketed; and
- To support consumers’ enhancement of knowledge about the products in question.

2. Private Information on Those Who Made Use of Our Corporate Communications, Medical Information, Social Media and Other Contacts
- To review, investigate and respond to queries of consultations and communications;
- To make reports and contact the manufacturer, distributor and other agents of our product; and
- To contact those who made use of our corporate communications, medical information and other contacts regarding the above tasks.

3. Private Information on our Consignees and Consultants
- To communicate, consult, confirm, request and instruct the concerned entities;
- To implement efficiently consigned and/or sponsored services;
- To grasp their qualifications, occupational abilities and job experiences;
- To cultivate better communication; and
- To contact those who belong to the consignee, consultant and other business partners regarding the above tasks.

4. Private Information on Media Representatives, Security Analysts and Investors
- To distribute news and information on Neiss Labs Limited;
- To provide information on events;
- To grasp and analyze our stakeholders' needs and make plans based on such needs; and
- To contact media representatives, security analysts and investors regarding the above tasks.

5. Private Information on Application for Employment
- To test, discuss and decide whether to adopt or reject applicants, and to respond to their queries related to recruitment or the task given; and
- To contact applicants for employment regarding the above tasks.

6. Private Information on Colleagues
- To plan and manage the personnel assignment, assessment, treatment, development, conditions of work, welfare program, safety and health; and
- To communicate with the benefit society, health insurance society, subsidiaries, affiliates and other organizations concerned.