Contract Manufacturing of Eye Drops

eye drops contract manufacturers / eye drops contract manufacturing

Neiss offers contract manufacturing for eye drops. This service is applicable for all Distributors seeking eye drops manufacturing from us. Eye drops are saline liquid drops used as an ocular route to administer. It may contain anti-histamines, steroids, prostaglandins, topical anaesthetics or Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID).

Sometimes eyedrops may contain no medicine at all and are just meant to lubricate eyes by replacing tears. Eye drops are like "magic bullets" used for treating debilitating eye disorders like dry eyes, redness, allergies, conjunctiva, glaucoma etc. We are the authorized manufacturers of all eye products.

Services Offered

Contract Manufacturing and Regulatory Compliance

Contract manufacturing of eye drops is only a beginning. We as the top eyedrops manufacturers, also offer Product Dossiers for our customers. Neiss meets the various regulatory requirements of Distributors from all across the globe. We are especially interested in LATAM countries, North America, South America, Asia, Ethiopia and Gulf countries.

The purpose of being regulatory compliant is to infuse Evaluation, Improvement and Optimization in our manufacturing process. The eye drops we manufacture are followed by constant paperwork. They are inclusive of Clinical Trials, FDA certificates and BE studies.

eye drops contract manufacturers / eye drops contract manufacturing
eye drops contract manufacturers / eye drops contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing of High Quality Eye Drops

We manufacture the finest and highest quality of eye drops and ointments under strict quality control check as per international standards. Our constant endeavour is to improve upon the selection and quality of products we offer. We strive to meet the needs of both retail pharmacy customers and professionals in practice.

Quality Assurance is achieved by embedding a quality check cycle at every stage in every process and by instilling quality consciousness in every member of our organization. This way, quality becomes an integral part of eyedrop manufacturing. Our efforts are supported by the right infrastructure at the right places.

Research & Development Before Manufacturing

With the state of the art facility, broad expertise and knowledge sharing is crucial in developing the therapies of tomorrow. Therefore, Research & Development works to translate advanced science and technologies of eye drops into the therapies that matter most.

Neiss Labs is prioritizing its R&D efforts in areas with the greatest scientific and commercial promise. The present formulation development team is capable of introducing more than 20 products every year, which is bio-equivalent to international standards.

eye drops contract manufacturers / eye drops contract manufacturing